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Created 26-Jul-11
Modified 30-Jul-11
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Ask any photographer what Fine Art photography is and you get all sorts of answers. Some are the same but many are varied. For many it's black and white photography but that's a very bad criterion to use. For me it's what artist may have painted or image that evokes emotion or thoughts centered on content of the image be it color or monochrome. Aesthetics plays a major role I think in what people define as Fine Art photography; the composition, the tonal range, and subject matter all

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Pastel LakeFoggy Back CoveCactus WingsAntelope Canyon TwoAnnisquamEberbach CloisterGothic StaircaseQuiet CornerQuebec Side StreetAnnisquam LighthouseAn Old Farm HouseEllipseRidgesUpheavalThe FallenLayersEndlessThe GapSandstormContinuous Ellipses