Artist Bio: Joe Votano

Education: B.Sc, Ph.D

Background in Photography:

He has been an avid photographer since late 2005.  He does his own printing and has received a numerous awards in color and BW prints from Merrimac Valley Camera Club and Greater Lynn Photographic Association since 2005. His images have been published in Prestige Travel Hong Kong, Michelin Travel Guide, and in


He has published several photo-travelogues ( and a well-received major photo work on Boston and Cape Ann, a 200 page e-Book.

Boston Below by Joe Votano and Karen Hosking, published by Schiffer Publishing in 2013. Hundred and sixty page book on the Boston Subway.

The Shaker Legacies Hancock and Mount Lebanon by Joe Votano, published by Schiffer Publishing in 2015. A 160 page book on the Shakers.


The Ever Changing Coastline (160 pages) and The Timeless Seashore (95 pages) cover coastlines, inlets, light houses from coast to coast. Many images are unforgettable when comes to beauty and composition. Both books are from Schiffer Publishing, 2018 was their introductory year from author Joe Votano (see URL: for more information. 

He has a large range of photographic interests from architectural, creative, street, and fine art photography. His philosophy when it comes to photography other than creative, is take the shot and then attempt to make the image evoke the emotion and thinking present when the shutter was clicked. Expressing the content is central to his image taking.