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Created 24-Jul-11
Modified 4-May-24
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Most of the architectural images were taken in Boston, other parts of MA, and City Center, Las Vegas. Architectural photography is about lines, shapes, and surfaces and how they intermingle to express the form of the structure under different lighting. This is especially true of modern architecture. Several images here come from the Stata Center at MIT, Cambridge, designed by Frank Gehry, express this quite vividly. Internal lines and surfaces of the City Center do as well.

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Keywords:MIT-Stata Center, Boston-skyline, City Center, Las Vegas, Miami

Intercontinental HotelTwo in OneArt Deco 1Art Deco 2ShapesIntersecting LinesOld and NewThe Old ParamountLines and Surfaces 1Lines and Surfaces 2Lines and Surfaces 3Extended FormsIntersecting SurfacesRectilinear FormsThe Fort