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Created 26-Jul-11
Modified 26-Jul-11
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I simply enjoy putting together creative montages usually expressing a thought, but not always. I like to combine a photographed painting, usually from the MFA, and then alter it by adding elements to express the thought I have about the painting. Other times I just combine many elements whose images were taken for other reasons but now find a home in something totally different. Most of my work is done in Photoshop and Corel Painter 11.

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Keywords:Creative photography, Digital Montages

Blessed are the FlowersYear 2050Tired but not DefeatedTidal StreamsBoston Harbor AbstractionsBaths of CaracallaThe Chess PlayersTransmutationConsternationAging TogetherPanicDinanAfternoon LightThe ShedGhost ShipsThe DancersThe Faith KeepersEmerging FormsFighting Her DemonsFlower with a Flower