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Created 26-Jul-11
Modified 26-Jul-11
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This gallery contains much in the way of landscapes and some localized image content. Images are mainly from New England and out west and some from England, France, and Germany. I really like fishing trawlers and the harbors of New Bedford and Gloucester make for some interesting images.

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Keywords:Arches, Bedford, Boston Harbor, Harbor, Monument Valley, National, New, Park, Scenic landscapes, Shawsheen River, Zion National Park, landscapes

Three SistersThe EyeWestminster BridgeWestminster PalaceArtist's PointLayersPotholes and BirdsAfter the RainWinter Along the Shawsheen RiverMorning at Fort Point ChannelBoston Harbor IBoston HarborBoston Harbor IIFog at PemaquidFog at New HarborSchooner FriendshipDawn at Bar HarborDawn at Bar Harbor IISort of ErrieFall Along the River